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$49 for 1 Full Year!


Call for appointment: 858-467-0420

Get your recommendation from the most experienced physicians in the industry!  


Beware of low cost offers by other clinics!

Most clinics advertise low prices, but after you've been seen by their physician, and you go to check out, you'll discover the low price is a gimmick to get you to their door.  You will find that the price they quote, even on the phone is typically for one (1) month or two (2) months, but NOT one (1) full year.

At Maximum Wellness, we do things differently than others.  We believe the best way to build our medical practice is to treat our patients with the respect that everyone deserves and our $49 price is for ONE FULL YEAR!

The mission of Maximum Wellness, is to provide each patient with the feeling
of being welcomed and truly cared for, with dignity and respect. 
We seek to protect our patients by 
providing a safe, secure and confidential setting. 
We operate with the complete understanding 
that our sole purpose, and the reason why we exist 
as a medical practice is to assist our patients 
in fulfilling the highest quality of life.  We are here to help!


How the Process Works

HIPPA Regulations

Patient Comments


For more information please check out our Frequently Asked Questions section

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    Hello, I have been in care of A Green Alternative for a couple of years now and just have nothing but great things to say about this office!! The staff is always very welcoming and informative! It never takes me longer than 25 minutes to go in and out! Their evaluations are for a FULL year! I’ve had to present my recommendation to an officer, luckily without ANY problems! I love you guys, thank you for all you do for me!!

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