$49 Full year (12 months) Evaluations

To receive medical marijuana, a patient must receive a written recommendation from a California licensed physician. To begin the process, a patient must present California I.D. or proof of residency and written documentation of a qualifying illness. If you do not have documentation of your illness, we will have you sign a medical release form so that we may obtain the documentation on your behalf.  When you arrive at our office, you will be cheerfully greeted and checked into our confidential system. You will complete a confidential, non-self incriminating Patient Intake Form  when you arrive at our office.  Next, patient’s vital signs are taken by one of our CA licensed medical assistants.  Once your vital signs are entered into our secure system,  you will be introduced to our Doctor.  The doctor will meet with you to help evaluate and determine the need of medical marijuana as well as discussing other alternative treatment plans.   A Maximum Wellness physician will typically write a one (1) year recommendation for any qualifying condition for which medical cannabis provides relief (See the Ailments tab).Upon completion of your examination, our physician will typically issue an official written recommendation for ONE FULL YEAR.  The doctor will refer you back to our administrative staff.  At this point, you will have the opportunity to purchase a Medical Marijuana Identification card for use with law enforcement in the event you do not have your written recommendation on you.  The staff will provide you with a complete packet, including your California medical marijuana evaluation. Your recommendation is valid for one (1) full year, throughout the State of California.  The recommendation is stamped, embossed and signed by our CA licensed physician. The packet also contains a copy of the patient’s rights under the laws, cannabis do’s and don’ts, resource information about the two strains of medical cannabis and the potential side effects.  Our evaluation and written recommendations are priced at $49 for one (1) full year for New patients and Renewal from any doctor.

We gladly accept Renewal patients from any licensed California physician. We make it simple!