How do I acquire Medical Marijuana?
How do I become a medical marijuana patient in California?
If I have never seen a primary care physician for any ailment in which I may benefit from medical marijuana, will I still be able to receive a medical marijuana recommendation?
How do I get my physician to send me my records?
If I receive a temporary recommendation will I have to pay twice?
What if I have an out-of-state I.D. or passport? Can I still receive a medical marijuana recommendation?
Once I am a qualified patient, can I purchase a Medical Marijuana Card?
What happens if my recommendation needs to be verified after office hours?
Can I be evaluated at Maximum Wellness if I am 18 years old?
Once I’m a legal Prop215 medical marijuana patient, what rights do I have?
If I receive a written recommendation where will I get my medical marijuana or medicine?
Does local and state law enforcement recognize medical marijuana and its patients?
What happens if I just failed a drug test? If I get a recommendation now, will it help me?
My job drug tests employees. Can my employer fire me if he/she finds out that I use medical marijuana as a legal patient?
If I have a recommendation and I failed a drug test at work, what should I do?
When I get a medical marijuana recommendation will my name be on government list?
How many plants can I cultivate with my Medical Marijuana Recommendation?
Will my medical insurance company cover the recommendation?
How do I become a legal medical marijuana patient?
What is the online verification program? Does Maximum Wellness offer this service?